Thursday, July 29, 2010

Points: I'm coming for you!

I have pictures of the assembly of many chaos models for you today. All of these models are ready to be primed (though not quite fully assembled - so that they are easier to paint). I intend on making these "winter" themed, so my next post should be some pictures of the first model with such a paint theme...probably a chaos warrior. So painters beware - I'm coming for YOUR points next month. =P

16 Marauders, 10 Hounds, 12 Chaos Warriors.
Oh, and High Paladin Vilmon, 2 Paladins, and a vassal mechanik - fully assembled.


Also - Thanks to Nathan for letting me use both his camera, and his blog.

The BK

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Post (with some bulk)

I'll start off by linking to a few friends who are responsible for the existence of this blog (and whose readership is the only I even expect :) ).

Got a couple of things to cover in this post. I'll start off with a quick summary of a game I played with a friend back in May.

May 15 2010, Empire v High Elves, 500 points

I'm going to save the effort of providing the details or going through the images one by one. This battle was my first attempt in capturing the game through images and I believe I pretty well failed at that. So a bit of a lesson learned in that regard. The game consisted of one major combat between my block of spears versus his block with general. My state troops managed to beat the high elves in this fight but failed to run down his general. Otherwise the game consisted of a a lot of cat and mouse tactics.

I made two major mistakes in this game. The first was a failed attempt to get my knights in to the flank of a unit (this failure and the resulting flank charge is captured in the photos). In hindsight, I was just rushing and should have realized that either I should have just charged the unit or expanded to 5-wide to accept the charge. The other mistake is avoiding the charge with my greatswords. It may not be obvious from the photos but we each had a unit that spent the game avoiding getting charged by the other. I should have just rushed straight in and let him charge me head on from the beginning.

On the hobbying side of things, this last weekend me and a friend (the same from the game in May actually) sat down a few times and made some progress on our respective initial Warmachine forces.

July 4 2010

That's all for now. In future posts, I'll try to provide more picture by picture comments of the hobbying and gaming