Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny Weekly Update

Very minuscule update this week; however, that is not from lack of getting anything done.  In fact, I assembled six solos for my Cygnar army.  Well I think about half of them are mercenaries/minions so really could be useful for a variety of future projects.  It's a short post because I need to do other things these evening than take pictures of unpainted models or work on any more (I had actually hoped to have about 10 done by tomorrow; that's not happening).  My last semester of grad school starts tomorrow and the reading list for one class is already posted so I've got some work to do tonight.

I will say that after getting more and more of these Privateer Press models assembled and taking a look at them, I am very impressed with the quality of the sculpts.  It could just be that I like the style they tend to put out; but after I got all six of guys put together and had them sitting there side by side I got very excited about getting to paint them soon.  Hopefully, the forecast for this weekend holds true.  Currently looking to be just above freezing (40F) and sunny.  Probably about the best conditions I'll have for priming for a while so I hope to take full advantage of it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Update

Managed to spend about two afternoons this past weekend working on some men-at-armsI snapped some quick photos but most of them were trash.  A few of them I was able to crop to show some of the work. The only thing I plan to do on these models is to touch up the faces and then I am going to give some Army Painter Shader a try.

From bretonnia

From bretonnia

From bretonnia

The touch-ups will hopefully be unnecessary in future men-at-arms. I made a critical error and waited until after I had done the faces, hoods, and collars before dry brushing the helmets and neckguards (on the two right models). The helmets weren't too much of a challenge but it was practically impossible to have dry brushed the two neckguards without getting paint all over the collar and face.

I think that is everything for the week.  I had been just putting these up as I write them but I think I'll start trying to schedule them for Tuesday mornings each week.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bretonnia Status

A small Bretonnian force is one of my two goals that I intend to complete before starting anything new. I purchased the models before the release of 8th edition and started to assemble and paint them. Since the release of the new rules, I don't necessary intend to play a game with them but maybe I'll surprise even myself and give WFB 8th edition a chance. As for progress, I'm about half way through assembly (pictures of the progress next week maybe) of a Bretonnian Battalion and I've cleaned the pieces for a trebuchet but haven't done much else with it.

For all of the models I'll be sticking with a green and white color scheme. White will be used only vary sparingly though. In fact, for the peasant models, white might only appear on the unit banner. I had considered doing the varied colors in the knights units as is popular; however, in an effort to keep things simple I'll be just given all of the knights essentially the same treatment.

That's all for now. Upcoming topics I hope to post about will be some discussion of the choices I have with play Cygnar to help prioritize what order I'll build the models in and some shots of the progress I'll be making on the Bretonnians.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obligatory 2011 Post

Going to keep this brief. Essentially due to school and general laziness I tended to only have an hour or two here and there that I'd rather use playing games on my laptop than actually working on my hobby. As a result, the pace of new releases for miniatures I am interested usually progressed faster than I could manage to finish my current projects.

What this all means is basically, as of around the time that the gatormen casters for Hordes started to come out I basically stopped buying any new armies. In fact I made a relatively large addition to Cygnar rather than buying those sweet looking gators. Currently, my plans are to keep focused on two things: painting the ~500 pt Bretonnia army I started on and assembly Cygnar.

With any luck, I'll manage to keep adding about a post a week following progress of these two goals. I need to document the paints I am using for Bretonnia (nothing fancy, just layers using Vallejo, no mixing) and what models I intend to focus on for Cygnar first, so that'll probably be my next two posts. Hopefully a post per week will keep me motivated towards getting some progress done.