Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny Weekly Update

Very minuscule update this week; however, that is not from lack of getting anything done.  In fact, I assembled six solos for my Cygnar army.  Well I think about half of them are mercenaries/minions so really could be useful for a variety of future projects.  It's a short post because I need to do other things these evening than take pictures of unpainted models or work on any more (I had actually hoped to have about 10 done by tomorrow; that's not happening).  My last semester of grad school starts tomorrow and the reading list for one class is already posted so I've got some work to do tonight.

I will say that after getting more and more of these Privateer Press models assembled and taking a look at them, I am very impressed with the quality of the sculpts.  It could just be that I like the style they tend to put out; but after I got all six of guys put together and had them sitting there side by side I got very excited about getting to paint them soon.  Hopefully, the forecast for this weekend holds true.  Currently looking to be just above freezing (40F) and sunny.  Probably about the best conditions I'll have for priming for a while so I hope to take full advantage of it.

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  1. Even small progress seems to be good progress man, that's more than I've done in all of 2011, haha.