Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obligatory 2011 Post

Going to keep this brief. Essentially due to school and general laziness I tended to only have an hour or two here and there that I'd rather use playing games on my laptop than actually working on my hobby. As a result, the pace of new releases for miniatures I am interested usually progressed faster than I could manage to finish my current projects.

What this all means is basically, as of around the time that the gatormen casters for Hordes started to come out I basically stopped buying any new armies. In fact I made a relatively large addition to Cygnar rather than buying those sweet looking gators. Currently, my plans are to keep focused on two things: painting the ~500 pt Bretonnia army I started on and assembly Cygnar.

With any luck, I'll manage to keep adding about a post a week following progress of these two goals. I need to document the paints I am using for Bretonnia (nothing fancy, just layers using Vallejo, no mixing) and what models I intend to focus on for Cygnar first, so that'll probably be my next two posts. Hopefully a post per week will keep me motivated towards getting some progress done.


  1. I would love to see a post a week from this blog, either by you or BK.

    Waht did you end up getting for Cygnar instead of Gators?

  2. It just came down to not starting another army. I already had the 16 points of Cygnar so I wanted to just expand on that instead.

  3. Well, definitely not a bad idea :)