Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bretonnia Status

A small Bretonnian force is one of my two goals that I intend to complete before starting anything new. I purchased the models before the release of 8th edition and started to assemble and paint them. Since the release of the new rules, I don't necessary intend to play a game with them but maybe I'll surprise even myself and give WFB 8th edition a chance. As for progress, I'm about half way through assembly (pictures of the progress next week maybe) of a Bretonnian Battalion and I've cleaned the pieces for a trebuchet but haven't done much else with it.

For all of the models I'll be sticking with a green and white color scheme. White will be used only vary sparingly though. In fact, for the peasant models, white might only appear on the unit banner. I had considered doing the varied colors in the knights units as is popular; however, in an effort to keep things simple I'll be just given all of the knights essentially the same treatment.

That's all for now. Upcoming topics I hope to post about will be some discussion of the choices I have with play Cygnar to help prioritize what order I'll build the models in and some shots of the progress I'll be making on the Bretonnians.


  1. looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Yeah, I can't wait to see it either! You should give them a shot in 8th. You may be surprised and love the system, after all :).