Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incoming: Bretonnia

Bretonnia is officially work-in-progress now that I've got my battalion box. I've had a lord and BSB assembled for a while (pictures when they are primed), but nothing says ready to play like 20 men-at-arms, 16 peasant bowmen, 8 knights, and a Pegasus.

I haven't had a chance to thoroughly read through the 8E rule book; however, I have a tentative list for 1000 points.

1000-Point Bretonnia
Bretonnian Lord
* Lance, Shield, Royal Regasus, Gromil Great Helm, Virtue of Confidence, Gauntlet of the Duel, Mantel of Damsel Elena
* BSB, Barded Warhorse
* Questing Vow, Great Weapon, Barded Warhorse
Damesel of the Lady
* Level 1, Warhorse
Knights of the Realm
* 8 Models, Full Command
* 20 Models, Full Command
Peasant Bowmen
* 16 Models, Musician
Field Trebuchet

The Field Trebuchet is still on back order at GW but I expect to receive it before I'm ready to play. I'll probably make some adjustments to the list before playing with it hopefully later this month but generally this what I'll have to play as its basically all the models I'll own.


  1. Looking forward to slaying some knights!

  2. What do you see the Damsel doing? I'd at least throw a Dispel Scroll on her if she's there for magic defense, or upgrade her to level 2 if she's needed for magic.

    Also, the Lord, while nice, probably isn't going to work for a 1000 point game. It's a good chunk of your points (he's nearly 200, no?) for a model that's very vulnerable in the current army. But... that will take a game or two to figure out, I'm guessing.

  3. That's basically his point cost. The main issue I have is I want to use only things I have models for. The army will be a lot better when I scale to 2250+ after buying quite a few more things.

    As the list is now, it is cramped at the hero cap with only 10 free points to use. The list actually has room for 22 more points of something that I figured I'd probably just use on a magic banner due to the limitations I'll have using it on other items.

    Truthfully, I probably need another block of knights instead of the Bretonnian Lord which might just be what I have to do. And allow myself to just proxy them with Empire Knights until I order another two battalions. Something along the lines of dropping the Pegasus model from the list entirely, using the Paladin with a great weapon as a Lord instead and then using the free points to upgrade the Damsel. I'm not sure exactly how many points that leaves but I'm sure I could come up with enough for a small block of Knights Errant or something.

    Some slight changes I expect to make the list already is to drop 3 Bowmen and use them as Men-at-Arms instead. I made up this list before really examining the frames closely. I quickly realized the fact that every 16 bowmen is going to result in a command frame that only has 1 drawn bow on it. The issue is easily fixed by using some of the spare bits on the other frames to make Bowmen with swords but a bow on their back; however, I think I'd rather have more Men-at-Arms anyway.