Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weak Week

Sadly, the pack of sword knights I had planned to work on this week is still sitting in the same place as it was when I posted lasted week.  On Sunday, however I did managed to sneak in an hour to look over the Tau Codex and come up with two lists for Special Operations: Killzone.  Killzone is a small team-based skirmish game played mostly by the rules of Warhammer 40k.  The biggest differences are in that every model is treated individually and that instead of constructing an army, you typically play with one or two teams consisting of 175 to 250 points.  The number of teams/points are what I have just seen suggested by the creators of the rule set.  Having never played the game, I will save any attempt to strategize here openly for now.  The latest rules can be found here on the Killzone forum.

Hopefully I will get in a game with a few friends soon and we will each get up some battle reports or some such.  For now, I will just use this post to say to them that I have settled on one team of 200 points.  One of my teams is not even viable with less points (it only has 6 models and 3 are kroot hounds).  Additionally, I will need to break from WYSIWYG until we play some games and I decide to invest the time in re-purposing some plastic figures.


  1. I am definitely definitely looking forward to playing this. I've been hoping to use Killzone as my excuse for working on my Chaos Space Marines, so if I start having opponents, I'm going to be very very happy.

  2. I'll have to take a look at the Killzone rules with my Orks in mind.

  3. Yeah, do it! Break those babies out!