Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Haley Tier 2: Gunline?

As I stated previously, I purchased a number of models recently in order to start  focusing on a Haley theme list. For starters, I went with Tier 2 at 25 points.  I like the tier at this point total since I effectively am fielding a 29 point list with the Tier 2 bonuses.

  • Captain Victoria Haley
    • Lancer
    • Hunter
    • Charger
  • Long Gunner Infantry (min)
  • Long Gunner Infantry (min)
  • Long Gunner UA
  • Sword Knights (min)
I have some ideas on alternative 25 point lists; however, this is what I own at the moment and will hopefully have assembled to play relatively soon.  In the mean time, I have begun thinking about deployment strategy and the first few turns of a game.  Below is a screen shot I took (using Vassal) of my initial take on deployment.

I admit to not being entirely happy with this deployment but it is about the third basic setup that I considered (with small tweaks on each of those considered as well).  The idea is to deploy either in the left as shown or mirrored in the right.  Given the large bulk that is the Long Gunners I decided to stack them in what will effectively be the center-left or center-right of the table using Haley for support and to use TB to block charges.  I find it essential that she be so integrated with them otherwise they end up on the outer reach of her control area and susceptible to charges.  The front rank of LGs has Ranked Attacks from the UA.  The intended strategy is to play to the lists current strengths by emphasizing ranged attacks with the option to back up and let the Sword Knights swoop in to melee against enemies affected by TB.

The other options concerning the list I have considered basically involve removing both the Lancer and Hunter.  Without having played I am hesitant to remove the Lancer but it is possible that at this point total the arc node just is not worth it. The same can be said for the Hunter. It could just be too many points devoted to the role of anti-medium/large bases.  The change I have considered emphasize supporting the melee component of the list as well as bolstering the ranged by using these 12 points to raise the SKs to max models and to add two Firefly jacks (yes I know I previously decided I was against using these jacks over Lancers but I feel I will be using them for exactly the reason I said they seemed perfect for).  I would have to rethink deployment entirely to handle the larger mass of sword knights but the additional model with Reach makes the defensive "swoop" that much more dangerous.

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