Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy Busy

Going to have to be a short one again.  I failed to ever get around to taking photos of the assembled models; however, I did manage to have time to play a game with Minute.  It was nice to finally get in another game a Warmachine (he won, but was a fun time all around).  It's now a goal of mine to play again some time in the next two weeks and continue playing with some reasonable level of frequency.  With WFB I never really believed that I could play games at the rapid pace usually expected at tournaments; however, with Warmachine I really see that as I play more I will get significantly faster at playing.

Additional short term goals:
  • I really need a set of 4 and 5 inch templates.  Siege has a ton of abilities that leave persistent effects with a diameter of these sizes.  I am thinking some kind of template that will hold its shape but is otherwise just a ring of the desired size so that models don't have to be picked up to set it down on the table.
  • Assemble Arcane Tempest Gun Mages.  These guys are laughably easy.  I did not realize it until I peeked in the box on the hobby holiday last week, but they are seriously just a matter of cleaning up and gluing to bases.  
  • Continue to work on Bretonnia project.  I primed the remaining Men-at-Arms recently so I really should start to put a green base coat on them.  The only real decision to make is whether I need to find a grey paint to use for base coating before white or if I am happy with how the first five models turned out.

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