Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am slow at playing skirmish games

When I played WFB, I seem to recall that I made decisions faster than when I play Warmachine.  While I thoroughly enjoy the mkii ruleset, I feel like the game system overall presents me with a lot of information that I feel the need to remember or constantly need to ask my opponent for.  I find that despite my best attempts to play quickly, I easily get bogged down after about two turns.  Maybe the answer is just simply to play more though.

Short of memorizing the statline of every model in the game system or making decisions at random without taking in to account the DEF/ARM of possible targets, I am curious to hear people's suggestions.  I have a few ideas to limit the amount of information I try to base my decisions on, but I wanted to see what other people had done in order to increase their speed of play.

That's all for now.  Asmo and I played a game Monday evening, but I think he took better notes and pictures of the game (I forgot my camera) so I'll just wait to comment on his battle report.


  1. I feel like you play very competitively. You don't need to memorize stat lines if you don't care whether your guy runs in and kills or runs in and gets killed. Use sound tactics, like having backup, prepare for some things, but don't powergame as hard.

    Also it will mean you'll be less upset about not having done something. There's always next game. =D

  2. You didn't play slow! The game moved pretty quickly, actually. The big slowdowns were my naggy g/f calling me.

    And you played against me, and saw how it worked- I don't play for optimum, I play to get things happening. In Warmachine/Hordes, I think that's always the best way to go.

  3. I agree. I thought about it some after making this post and the game was a reasonable length for still having played less than a dozen games using the mkii rules.

    My goal going forward is just to focus on keeping track of the opposing warcaster/warlocks DEF/ARM so I can recognize when an assassination is even probable. But otherwise just attacking without regard for DEF (though still need to keep track of stuff like stealth, etc.).

    The only kink in that plan I see is needing to know for instance when a model just simply can't even damage a heavy jack for instance (I view this as comparable to needing to keep track of stealth). But thats generally easy to determine without too much thought (i.e., is it a heavy jack + is the attacks P less than 12 or 13). And even charges in those cases can make up the difference if enough guys are going in or going in with support from a heavier hitter.